Experiencing the Blooming Beauty of Rosalina Thomas: A Day with Wheeler House Flowers

Experiencing the Blooming Beauty of Rosalina Thomas: A Day with Wheeler House Flowers


Recently, I photographed Rosalina Thomas for Cottages and Gardens, which gave me the unique opportunity to document the story of Rosalina Thomas, the proprietor of Wheeler House Flowers. It was an experience that combined the serene beauty of nature with the dynamic energy of a thriving floral business.


From Tech to Tulips: Rosalina’s Journey

Rosalina’s journey into the specialty cut-flower business began seven years ago, transitioning from a high-powered career in big tech and media to the hands-on world of gardening. Her move to Fairfield over a decade ago marked the beginning of a new chapter. The Wheeler Mansion, with its classic 1800s Italianate Victorian charm, became both her home and the base for her flower business.

A Lifelong Love of Gardening

Gardening is more than a profession for Rosalina; it’s a deep-rooted passion. Her family’s history in rice farming in the Philippines and cherished memories of gardening with her father instilled in her a love for nurturing plants. This familial bond with nature was evident as she spoke about the joy of seeing her flowers bring happiness to the community.

The Heart of Wheeler House Flowers

Walking through Rosalina’s garden, I was struck by the vibrant colors and the meticulous care evident in every bloom. From tulips and poppies to dahlias and heirloom zinnias, each flower reflected the dedication and hard work she pours into her garden. Rosalina’s commitment to organic gardening practices has created a thriving ecosystem, where natural predators help maintain the health of her plants without the need for pesticides.

Family Involvement and Community Connection

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Rosalina’s story is the involvement of her family. Every November, her husband and daughters join her in planting thousands of tulip bulbs—a family tradition that doubles as a birthday celebration. Her husband’s dedication to the climbing roses along their ancient iron fence has brought new life to these beautiful plants, showcasing the collective effort behind Wheeler House Flowers.

From Garden to Market: The Business of Blooms

Rosalina’s business journey took a significant turn when she met Sarah O’Brien of Fresh Flower Bar at a holiday party. What started as a casual conversation about dahlias quickly blossomed into a successful business partnership. Today, Wheeler House Flowers supplies blooms to specialty grocery markets, private clients, and floral designers throughout Fairfield County.

Embracing the Challenges and Joys of Gardening

Rosalina’s approach to gardening is a blend of science and artistry, with a healthy dose of flexibility and problem-solving. She embraces the unpredictability of nature, finding creative solutions when things don’t go as planned. This adaptability is a valuable lesson she shares with aspiring gardeners, encouraging them to start with easy-to-grow plants like bulbs and summer annuals.

The Joy of Flowers

Throughout our session, Rosalina’s passion for her work was evident in every interaction. Her flowers are more than just a business; they are a source of joy and a means of connecting with her community. Her seasonal flower subscriptions have become a beloved offering, bringing the beauty of her garden into homes and businesses across the region.

A Day to Remember

Photographing Rosalina Thomas and Wheeler House Flowers was an enriching experience and I give a huge thanks to CTC&G for bringing me in to be a part of this story. Her story is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and the joy that comes from bringing beauty into the world. Through my lens, I documented not just the vibrant colors and delicate petals, but the heart and soul of a woman dedicated to her craft and her community.

As I review the images from our day together, I’m reminded of the serene beauty of her garden and the dynamic energy she brings to her work. Rosalina Thomas is a true testament to the transformative power of nature and the enduring joy that flowers can bring.


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