I approach my life and my business with a deep feeling of warmth and a sense of gratitude. If I could go back in time and tell my younger self that I'd have a successful photography studio, an Emmy award, and a degree from Tufts University, I would be excited beyond belief. Now, I carry that feeling of excitement with me every day and on all of my projects.


How did I gain the confidence to trust my internal compass and find my career path? It all started growing up in Connecticut with free-spirited parents who instilled a love of the arts and food, and fueled my creativity and passion for life, giving me the tools to create deep and meaningful connections and help others.


Following my passion led me to start my own photography studio in 2013, and since then I've been building a community of clients whose goals and creative visions I truly believe in — I love to connect with my clients on a meaningful level, understand their needs, and create images that help their businesses grow.

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Looking back, I always knew I should be in a career in the visual arts. Even in high school I shaped my own curriculum and spent so much time in the darkroom my supportive teachers counted it towards academic credit.


When I searched for the right college to continue my education, I was thrilled that I could study photography, filmmaking, and media communications at Tufts University. This is where I discovered the intersection of photography, motion, and businesses’ needs for both, vaulting me into a successful photography career and giving me an appreciation for the artistic and historical value of photography.

After all of these amazing experiences, I was able to create a job for myself as the first Still Photographer for the popular TV show This Old House. Working side-by-side with high profile talent on fast-paced productions introduced me to the exciting life of professional still and motion photography.


Photographing home interiors before and after their renovations was an eye-opening way of telling a transformation story, and I was also able to document the behind the scenes stories of how the shows were produced.


Then a turning point came.


I followed my heart and decided to take on the role of Segment Producer on a documentary film. With my colleagues, I took a chance and submitted our film for an Emmy Award — and we won!


“New Orleans: Getting Back to Normal” tells an intimate story about the brave people who rebuilt their homes and lives after Hurricane Katrina. This affirmation further fueled my passion to make compelling stories with still and motion media and in 2013 I founded my photography business.


Since then I’ve grown my business year after year working with magazines, marketing companies and commercial clients, producing images that help my clients connect and engage with their audiences. A few highlights include shooting for The New York Times, Vineyard Vines, Carvel, Eppa Sangria, and all of the small business owners that I love working with.

From 2019-2021 I was honored to give back to my creative community by serving as President of the Connecticut chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers, where I lead initiatives to support photographers throughout the state. I am still an active member of ASMP and love to mentor aspiring photographers.

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