Through the Lens: A Visual Tale of Fete Home’s Design Elegance

In the world of brand photography, every project offers a chance to breathe life into a brand’s essence and showcase its products in a captivating light. Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Fete Home, a brand renowned for its unique home decor and stunning wallpaper collections. This project was particularly special as Fete Home was about to unveil its newest wallpaper line and fresh home decor offerings to the world.

It’s always more than just taking pictures – in this case, it was about creating a visual journey into the world of Fete Home. Collaborating closely with Jennifer Potter of Fete Home, we explored various ways to style the products using an assortment of surfaces and backdrops. We carefully selected backdrops and props that complemented the Fete Home designs, allowing the designs to shine while creating a cozy atmosphere for the home decor pieces that perfectly aligned with Fete Home’s brand identity. A critical part of this project was finding the right studio space that matched Fete Home’s brand vibe. It wasn’t just about finding a location; it was about selecting an environment that radiated the bright, fresh, and elegant aesthetic that Fete Home embodies. 


Her home was the perfect setting to create a fall tablescape with Fete Home’s lifestyle products. Its abundant natural light emphasized the textures and details of the decor, perfectly capturing the brand’s vision of elegance and warmth. The fall season’s earthy tones and the play of light and shadow on the dinnerware enhanced the inviting atmosphere. Natural elements like leaves and pumpkins added a touch of nature, completing the inviting setting.

















As a brand photographer, I take immense pleasure in crafting visuals that not only capture a product but tell a story. The Fete Home project was a beautiful blend of collaboration, creative styling, and selecting the right space, all guided by the desire to manifest the brand’s unique identity.

It’s in these moments that the magic of brand photography truly comes alive.


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