Personal Branding: Cameron Sterling

Cameron Sterling is a brand consultant based in Greenwich, Connecticut. A CT native, Cameron has had a vast range of experience from formal photography training, to working for Richard Avedon, companies like Adobe, and Wonderful Machine. These experiences lead him to have his brand consulting specialize in photographers and creatives, whether for individual photographers or small to mid-sized organizations. Cameron and I did a personal branding session to help visually communicate his style, services, and personality. I loved our first series of photos with him holding a comically small camera, wearing his polaroid shirt, and set against his collection of photo books. The graphic pattern of his photography books created the perfect backdrop and I had to make a GIF out of the photos.

Here’s one of the photographs I took of Cameron in use on his website. I like how the colors of his home office tied in with his branding on his website.

To help illustrate Cameron’s fun and creative yet professional personality we decided to have him engaging with a client. This not only showed his style of working but the confidence and focus he helps empathically instill within his clients.

On Cameron’s end he wrote up a bit about his experience working with me:

“Working with Allegra was a joy every step of the way — from our planning conversations, during the photo production, and to receiving the final image files. I needed a variety of new portraits and scenes for my business website that showed different aspects of my personality and consulting services in an authentic and constant way to my ideal audience.

A few weeks before making the images we had an in-depth conversation about my brand to help her understand the stories the images would need to tell my audience. After we came up with a production plan she followed though seamlessly. Allegra’s process was fluid, friendly, and efficient. She was able to capture the key images we planned as well as some unexpected gems in different settings with both artificial and modified natural light.

Allegra performed this assignment so well in-part because she took the time to understand what’s important and knows how to tell a visual story that communicates unique services and personality. I would highly recommend Allegra to any business in need of images that resonate with their ideal audience.”


I had the privilege of working together with Cameron last year when he provided content strategy services for me, so I went in understanding what we needed to communicate through our photographs.

My experience working with Cameron on my own website gave me the focus and process I needed to build out and refine the visual and written brand messages of my commercial photography business for my website. Most photographers think their business only needs great images on their website to stand out, but in competitive markets, buyers expect to learn more about us, why they will enjoy working with us, and how we work.

When we worked together, Cameron helped me hone in on the gallery edits, supporting visuals, and a brand story that resonates with my business’s audience. His keen sense of what makes a photography business unique in its market helped me shape my website into a more effective marketing tool. I knew gallery edits would be an important part of our work, but I didn’t realize the role client-centric text and storytelling images could have on my website before working with him. Now that I see this marketing strategy beautifully stitched through my website, I’m even prouder to promote my business to clients who need it. I am so grateful for the guidance that Cameron provided, and love the finished product on my website.

If you’re in need of any photography brand consulting check out Cameron’s website to get in touch!

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