Three Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Being Photographed

Too often I hear people say they are aren’t photogenic or they’re not “ready” to be photographed. The truth is, unless you’re a professional model, it’s not that you aren’t photogenic, you most likely just don’t know exactly how to pose in front of a camera. And why would you? It’s not your job to know how to pose — it’s a photographer’s job to instruct you.  But there are certainly things you can do to prepare for a photoshoot that will help you feel empowered and more comfortable in front of the camera.  Here are my three tips to conquer awkwardness and overcome your fear of being photographed:

1 – Identify the Reason and Trust Your Photographer

First, ask yourself why you are afraid of being photographed. Is it something tangible or concrete, or general self-consciousness? Whatever your answer, I can assure you that everyone else feels the same way at some point. It’s normal to be nervous in front of a camera. Communicate your concerns with your photographer and they can address the issues one by one — we’ve dealt with them all before. After that, you should trust in your photographer and their skills. I always work with my clients to find out their likes and dislikes ahead of time. This will help me pose you and accentuate your favorite features. During the session, we review the photographs together. If you’d prefer to face a different way or for your hair to be placed differently, we make these smalls tweaks and ensure that you walk away completely satisfied.  I ask the right questions, my clients communicate their needs, and I deliver high quality portraits.

2 – Prepare for the Photoshoot

This is where you can be proactive in ensuring your photoshoot is successful.  Learning about the process of the shoot and what you need to do ahead of time will help you to relax. Ask as many questions as you can. How can you prep the week or even the night before? For starters, don’t make any drastic changes to your appearance before the shoot. You want to look like yourself, and the time to try a new look is not right before a photoshoot.

3 – Hair, Makeup and Outfits

I cannot emphasize just how important professional hair and makeup is. It’s not often you’re having your portrait taken, so invest the extra money and look your absolute best. You will go into the photoshoot feeling confident and you won’t have to worry about being both the subject and the stylist on the day of the shoot. Even for men, makeup can fill in under eye bags and discoloration in your skin. The purpose isn’t to look like you have a face full of makeup, it’s to look like your best self. Leave it to the professionals! I always suggest buying a new outfit for the occasion. It will help you get excited for the shoot, you will feel like a million bucks because everyone loves new clothes, and you can be sure that your ensemble will photograph well. Be sure to iron and de-lint your clothing beforehand. I always suggest waiting until you get to the shoot before changing into your outfit so it doesn’t wrinkle.


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