Specialized Lifestyle and Food Photography in CT

Allegra Anderson is a food and lifestyle photographer located in Glastonbury, Connecticut and available for work internationally.  Growing up in a home where the family came together around a delicious meal every day, Allegra developed a passion for food and travel, and began documenting those who make, consume, appreciate, and love cuisine and culture. Over the course of her education at Tufts through the time she spent shooting for magazines and websites in her professional career, Allegra has always had an eye toward producing visually compelling food and lifestyle photographs. Allegra’s personal passion for cooking makes her the perfect choice for any business looking for a food or lifestyle photographer in Connecticut or Massachusetts.  In her free time, there is nothing Allegra would rather do than spend time making delicious, colorful dishes, or exploring Connecticut looking for the very best in food, dining, and culture.  Combining this with her technical background and her professional experience as a commercial photographer, Allegra is able to produce truly exceptional food and lifestyle photographs that visually convey moods, tastes, and feelings.  Allegra’s attention to detail and the knack for visual storytelling that she honed while working as the Still Photographer for This Old House allow her to capture stunning lifestyle images that will stand out from everything else on the page or the screen.