Portrait and Lifestyle Photography in CT

Great commercial portraits can make a huge difference in personalizing a business so that its greatest resource – the people behind it  – can connect with potential clients.  Over the course of the past several years, Allegra has consistently produced some of the most exceptional business portraits and headshots in Connecticut for chefs, tv personalities and public figures.  Allegra has worked with businesses of all sizes across a broad range of industries, and has the personality and technical skills to identify with any client and take amazing portraits.

One of Allegra’s greatest strengths is connecting with her clients on a personal level so that they feel comfortable in front of her camera.  Allegra Anderson strives to take portraits that are clean, true depictions of their subjects, and relates to her clients in a way that allows them to relax and be their most honest and flattering selves.

Allegra’s experience with commercial portraits began when she was a Still Photographer capturing images of TV personalities for This Old House that would be published in magazines and newspapers.  Since then, Allegra has taken business portraits and headshots for businesses across Connecticut and Massachusetts that have allowed them to quickly advance their online and print marketing.  Allegra is always excited to meet new businesses and provide them with honest portraits that portray them in the best light possible and allow them to connect with their clients on a deeper level.